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About Us

In order to provide a variety of classes with the same focus on awareness, growth and change a team of teachers provide classes at Move in Grace:

Beatrice Basso, founder of Move in Grace

Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner, Walk for Life Pioneer Teacher, Spiritual Director

Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner since 2006.
I had attended Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement classes out of interest before, when serious pain in my shoulder led me to a more in depth exploration of the Feldenkrais method. The method is so fascinating because it is not about "fixing a problem", but to raise the student's awareness of habitual patterns and to explore choices and alternatives that may be more comfortable and more efficient.

Walk for Life Pioneer Teacher. Walk for Life was developed by Ruthy Alon, an expert of the Feldenkrais Method, to improve our comfort and efficiency in walking. It is an amazing experience how in a 5-day work shop my posture improved tremendously, my walking habits changed significantly. Besides in walking, the improved habits also show in how much easier it is to sit straight and with relaxed shoulders while working on my computer.

Spiritual Director
I completed my formation training as Spiritual Director in 2012 at the Quellen Spiritual Center in Mendham.
Growing in awareness of God's presence in my life and increasing my willingness to listen and follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit is a life long journey. Having a spiritual director, a companion on this path, has helped me on this journey, especially in times when I struggled. Now, as spiritual director for others, I am available to be such a companion on their way, for a short or longer time.

My personal experience is that the two disciplines are in some way very similar because awareness of movement (physical or spiritual) is the basis for change and growth. Both disciplines are based on the realization that we humans are one inseparable person, body, mind and spirit, and that physical experiences influence our spiritual life, just as our spiritual life influences our physical well being. The attention we give to our body's and spiritual movements results in a more complete and whole self.


Renee Dorn

Renee Dorn

Phone:  (551) 574-9500     e-mail:

Renee Dorn is a perpetual student of traditions that have been used successfully through the centuries to promote good health and well-being. Her passion is the continual exploration mindfulness in treating diseases, generating power and promoting overall good health. This concept (technically termed psychoneuroimmunology) is intrinsic to the practices of Qigong, in which she is trained and implements in her daily life.
Renee believes that true abundance is achieved by having a healthy mind, strong body, and exuberant spirit. this leads to an optimal way of living underscored by authenticity, self-expression, joy and continuous growth. 

As a Life Coach, Fitness Instructor, Qigong Practice Leader and Medical Qigong Therapist, Renee is honored to have the opportunity to assist clients in taking control and responsibility for his or her body, mind and spirit.

Lisa Franey

RYT500 and Certified Yoga Therapist

In the early eighties, I started taking yoga classes for relaxation and stress reduction. I needed to learn how to calm myself. The relaxation techniques and breath work that I learned 30 years ago are lessons that I still use and value most in my life. Passing this skill of relaxation and the feelings of wellbeing that accompany it to my students is one of my primary goals as a teacher so most of my classes include a slowing down of breath and movement, holding a pose with an emphasis on grounding in the present, and releasing muscles that are not needed in the pose, letting go of what we no longer need.



Angelina Colonna Calogero

Accredited T’ai Chi Chih teacher, Certified Spiritual Director, Certified Bereavement Support Group Facilitator

After 8 years of regular practice I chose to complete the training necessary to become accredited to teach T’ai Chi Chih.  I did so because I feel very strongly about the benefits of this practice that I have seen in myself and others and wanted to reach out and share it with as many people as possible. 

My first experience with T’ai Chi Chih came at a time in my own life when I was feeling physically, emotionally and spiritually unbalanced.  From that first and very short introduction at a conference the movements and the ‘philospphy’ of T’ai Chi Chih resonated very deeply in me and  as I continue to mature in this practice the value of it increases tremendously.

In my work and service as a Spiritual Director and former Hospice Bereavement Coordinator I have come to recognize and appreciate the necessity of finding and committing to a ‘way of life’ that nurtures and nourishes us for the big and little things that come our way.  While T’ai Chi Chih  does not presume to take the place of other ways we live an integrated life  it can compliment them in a way that can lead to greater wholeness and health.

I am excited to be offering T’ai Chi Chih classes at “Move in Grace” and to be partnering with Beatrice and others to bring the best of all worlds to those who are interested.  I may be reached at seashells1951@gmail and at 973.879.3918








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